Who Are We

In Year 1988

100 Sq.Ft with
Less than 100 Customers

Today We're

1800 Sq.Ft with
15,000+ Happy Customers

Customers Proportionately increasing the area and customers are the biggest and best achievement of our management. This is because of consummating the customer needs with 100 % satisfaction. We initiatively achieved it by learning these things from self-experience and learning industry changes in line with current practice from YES School and implementing them in the organization as well as upgrade the level and style of staffs qualification.


From childbed to passing away, Gold plays a vital role of us especially inSouth-India. Gold is considered as worth Investment and moreover it is liquidity one. We have vision to create a thought among peoples to invest in pure gold for future savings is worthable because of these above two characteristics.


Our mission is to reach about our organization details to all . It has been accomplished by making stall in 15 apartments successfully .

About Our NSB Jewellery

Gold Store in Madurai

Core Value

We are trying to achieve the goal in which all customers have to be gaining much more gold in simplest way.


Person who wish to buy the products in honest and quality manner are all our honourable customers.  Moreover, Gold is an attractive and often wearable one for all aged peoples.

Future plan

Our proposal is to be making a strong bond and long term relationship of our customers through meeting them personally especially in Madurai and Madurai oriented areas.


We setup our organization as sleek and an eye catching look, In order to making the customers to choose the products easily. In addition, We are giving the special training for our staff to service the customers to consummate their needs with 100% satisfaction in the manner of sleek and kind.


We think it’s an obligation to us for creating a thought that all type of status people have ability to buy gold in simple ways. Moreover time is also precious. By considering this two things, we make stalls in apartments in and around Madurai and also making schemes by customers to buy gold easily.

Services and Benefits

Honouring the time and wish of customers, We are servicing to sell the gold , silver and diamond articles.  If they need,  even we will be going to their houses to consummate their needs.  We consider it as 24 hours service. We would do our best for our respecting customers to choose the appropriate best products.Later, If they need to sell or replace the product, we are servicing to identify the non-vulnerable products which could not be making any loss to them. As well as, We are here to stand by with you for raising your gold resource with your small savings by booking your gold products on today’s market rate. Moreover, we will do our best to repair your mendable products with low-price. More importantly, We are here to approach our honourable customers with wealthy and healthy smile in all time.

Nsb Jewellery in Madurai

Dr. N. S. Balasubramanian M.A.,PHD.,

Retd Prof & HOD in Economics in Vellaichamy Nadar College, Madurai.
Former Co-ordinator of MAVMM Educational Institutions, Madurai
Former Secretary of SLS MAVMM Ayira Vaisyar College, Madurai
Former Correspondent of SACS MAVMM Engg college, Madurai.

Nsb Jewellery in Madurai

B. Muralimani B.A.,

We believe to do our sale by seeing in customers side too because no one wants to waste money and also want to check the quality of products.

Member in Jewellers & Bullion Merchants Association
Member in Tamilnadu Chamber of commerce
Member in Mahayogam,Kanchipuram

Best Gold Jewellery Shop in Madurai

B. Balamurugan B.E.,

We believe that all have the ability and facility to buy the gold in simpler way and we make sure that it won’t depend on status.

Member in Young Enterepreneur School, since 2015.
Member in Tamilnadu Chamber of commerce.
Member in Mahayogam Trust,Kanchipuram since 2015.

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